Privacy Policy

By choosing to work with Unsecured Solutions, we will get you the best rates and terms that your credit will provide… GUARANTEED. By agreeing to Unsecured Solutions term and conditions, you grant Unsecured Solutions authorization access to your credit information both business and personal. Unsecured Solutions will review your credit history for the sole purpose of obtaining a loan.

The reports Unsecured Solution will review are used only by Unsecured Solutions. However, we will go over these reports in great detail with each client. Your representative from Unsecured Solutions will inform you on how to obtain a copy of these reports for free.

Unsecured Solutions will summit your application to 3 to 4 different loan providers such as Grade A Banks, Private Lenders, Micro Lenders and many other different lending facilities. When Working with Unsecured Solutions you must note that you are working with us strictly by our guidelines and all final approvals come from the lenders.

Unsecured Solutions never will charge an upfront fee but profit from our back-end packaging fee and from referrals and paying affiliates, Also note that we will refer your application to some companies that are owned by Unsecured Solutions, plus referral paying affiliates for a profit for Unsecured Solutions.