Calculating Loan Needs

Calculating Loan Needs

Calculating Loan Needs

The numbers. This is the part of the loan process that strikes the most fear into borrowers and lenders. The numbers need to be correct and allow the Small Business Loans to work or the approval process comes to a halt. So the question of what Business Loan amount do I qualify for? Becomes important. Not only for calculating qualifying ratios, but also for determining how much money the business needs to be able to successfully operate and possibly expand. This is one of the many areas Unsecured Solutions and our seasoned staff of loan consultants can really make a difference.

The loan amount is calculated by a thorough analysis of historical financials, projected financials, and required use of funds. A close look at a company’s business plan will shed light on what the loan amount will need to be. An honest evaluation of your company’s loan needs is essential in communicating how you intend to operate the company. Unsecured Solutions becomes part of your team during this process. But rifling through he borrowing needs are.  

There can be non-recurring charges that need to be factored both in and out to come to a proper number. Whether the company is a start up or a long time operation will further determine what may be necessary to borrow. Start-up businesses have organization expenses such as deposits, legal, and accounting fees. What may need to be financed, as a start-up expense for one company may be an asset to another? Determinations such as these are extremely important in calculating a proper loan request. The professionals at Unsecured Solutions are capable of handling all these issues.

Furthermore, in today's economy just because a company may qualify for a certain Small Business Loan or Personal loan amount or program does not mean that is the ideal situation for the business. This is another great reason to have Unsecured Solutions on your side. Personal Loan and Small Business Loan requested must be fair to both the borrower and the lender. The numbers need to work on all sides.


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